Honda Carbs Honda CB77 alternative pwk 26 mm carburetors Superhawk

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This set of 2 carburetors as pictured. These are a direct replacement for the Honda CB77

These will fit a standard flange mount manifold with a hole spacing of 2" on center. The flange can be removed for spigot type mounting such as Later OIF Triumph. Spigot OD is 34mm, carb total depth is 82mm, and the height is 5" minus cable adjuster. The air intake is 48mm OD. This will fit where any Amal 926 Concentric or Monoblock is installed.

These PWK 26 mm 26Js have gone through strenuous and extensive testing and development, to bring you an alternative to the premature wear of the Amal and the costly price of the Mikuni. This carb uses a chrome flat slide for longer wear life and consistent metering.

Customer feedback:

FYI I just fitted these onto my Honda CB77 as an experiment, since Amals are a common replacement for the difficult and impossible to source stock Keihins.

Was also a tight fight but with a little filing they are on and running very strong.

You light sell even more if you advertise them as a replacement for CB77. Lots of those bikes around with problematic carbs. I will post something in the Superhawk forum on it.
The same as an Amal, you will have to file the bolt hole a little to fit the studs on a CB77

Dear steadfastcycles,

Got the carb on and the bike started second kick. With some very simple tuning got the idle and mixture set. Now starts first kick. Idles smooth and very slow. Comes off idle great and pulls well.
Thanks again for all your support Brandon.



Condition: NEW

Brand: PWK

Country/Region of Manufacture: JAPAN

Manufacturer Part Number: SC-PWK26

Placement on Vehicle: LEFT