PWK carbs Triumph T140 750 OIF 30mm Amal MK2 replace 1977 78 79 80 81 82

Steadfast Cycles


You will get the brand new set of 2 PWK carbs that are pictured. These are a good replacement for the spigot mount amal carbs used in 1977 and later Triumphs. This set comes with adapters for the air box, This set will use your stock throttle cables and will clamp right to the intake manifolds. The front of the carb or spigots needs to be shimmed a little to meet the size of your stock rubber intake manifolds, there are many methods to achieve that tight fit. The bodies are all right sided, there is not left side body, you can move the idle adjust acrew from the left to the right side. The OD of the spigots is 38mm

These are great carbs and will improve your performance and rideablility of your later model Triumph 750 twin. If you have 32mm carbs then these will not sacrifice power but only top end speed, so if you are planning on racing your bike for top end speed then these are not the carbs for you, but if you would like to merge onto any USA metropolis freeway system then the carbs will provide plenty of power, (more power than your current carbs) and you can get up to 90mph 95 mph with no problem so you wont get run over. 

If you think these are going to jump out of the box and install themselves, you probably should not buy these. once installed these are great carbs, with great bottom end response and great top end speed.

Customer feedback:
Dear steadfastcycles,
Got the carb on and the bike started second kick. With some very simple tuning got the idle and mixture set. Now starts first kick. Idles smooth and very slow. Comes off idle great and pulls well.Thanks again for all your support Brandon.

Condition: NEW

Brand: PWK

Part Brand: PWK

Manufacturer Part Number: SC-PWK30NF

Warranty: YES