Protect All motorcycle wax cleaner paint metal plastic glass 13.5 OZ aerosol can *

Steadfast Cycles

SKU: 96190 C

This is the best stuff around for cleaning, polishing, waxing, treating, and protecting every surface of your motorcycle, you will get this brand new 13.5 oz aerosol can pictured.

This is the best stuff available for your motorcycle, Its hard to believe you can wax your paint and use the same stuff to clean your mirrors and seat, but it works. Use it for quick clean ups or to detail your bike. The can will last for years, so buy one product that does everything.

ProtectAll with UV Blocker protection, works excellent for paint, fiberglass, clear coat, gelcoat, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, plexiglass, glass, wood, plastic, vinyl, rubber, finished leather and more..