Twist throttle for Amal concentric with Barnett cable for 7/8" handlebars set

Steadfast Cycles


You will get a brand new chrome body quality twist throttle and a brand new Barnett throttle cable for your Amal Concentric carburetor. The carburetor is pictured just for illustration to show the slide is going all the way down using a stock Amal cable with stock travel, which is 3 5/8". You will need to tell us how long you want the cable sheath to be, cables are measured by the sheath, because the inner travel will not change this cable is made for an Amal Concentric and on no other carb will it work.

You will get two aluminum ferrules that go into the throttle body as a fixture to complete the transition, the ferrule is not used to take up any play, that is done with the inline adjuster. One of the ferrules is drilled all the way out and the other is not, so that you can drill it the way you want if necessary

With this kit in the future if the cable fails and you need to buy another cable, you will be able to buy a stock Amal Concentric cable off the shelf and not have to have any custom made cable.

Most UK lowbars use a 38" or 40.5" cable, you will need to tell me what length you desire, drop or flat bars will need a 36" or 34" cable, bars with a rise of 6" will need a 42" or 43" and the high rise bars go up from there, we stock all sizes up to 60"

Amal Concentric MK1 carbs were used from 1968 to around 1979 then the MK2 was introduced, then after they used a Bing which uses a different type of cable. There was a MK1.5 which has the big choke lever installed but was short lived only used about half production on C models, then they quickly introduced the MK2 Concentric.

Amal Concentric as pictured came new with an adjuster at the top, this is not needed with the inline cable adjuster which is much easier to actually use then a cable top adjuster. It is Factory OEM practice to remove the top adjuster then drill the threads out of the carb top (A pre-drilled carb top is available in our ebay store and was always an option form Amal for those who don't want to drill there threads out) There is a photo of how the (top hat style) cable end is to fit on the top of an Amal correctly.