Carb BSA 441 B44 Victor Amal Mikuni alternative 30mm carburetor PWK JRC 30 900

Steadfast Cycles

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You will get one PWK 30mm carb. This is a direct replacement for the Amal 930 carburetor. This carb fits BSA Singles, Triumph 650 twins and other British motorcycles with a 30mm Amal carb, or single carb application. This will bolt right on to the manifold flange and use your stock cable and air filter or Triumph TR6.

These will fit a standard flange mount manifold with a hole spacing of 2" on center. Spigot OD is 34mm, carb total depth is 82mm, and the height is 5" minus cable adjuster. The air intake is 48mm OD. This will fit where any Amal 930 Concentric or Monoblock is installed.

If you have a 1977 or later Triumph we have a listing of these carbs for that application.

If you don't have any mechanical aptitude and you think this will go together like a Lego set or like plug and play on your computer then please don't buy these carbs.

Customer feedback:
Dear steadfastcycles,

Got the carb on and the bike started second kick. With some very simple tuning got the idle and mixture set. Now starts first kick. Idles smooth and very slow. Comes off idle great and pulls well.
Thanks again for all your support Brandon.

To: Brandon,

I just took delivery of a PWK carburetor for my 1969 B44 Shooting Star. It’s an old restoration, and I used an older Amal when I assembled it back in the mid-nineties. It never idled properly because it had some slop in the slide, and every stop at a traffic light could turn into a manic fire drill of pushing the bike to the curb and kicking like I was stomping a snake to get it restarted after it quitting randomly. To avoid the embarrassment of a senior citizen jumping up and down like some kind of idiot, I’d sit at traffic lights revving the throttle like I was on the starting line at a MotoGP. It quit again last week and it occurred to me that I’d never taken a ride on the bike without having it stop at some inopportune time, so I started looking for someone to re-sleeve the Amal when I ran across your business. After an hour or two of high level ciphering I determined that I could purchase one of your carbs for less than properly rebuilding the Amal, and quickly placed an order. I’m something of an Anglophile purist, so all of this was done under the cover of darkness… no one must ever know that I’ve committed the sacrilege of putting a Chinese carb on my pure British motorbike! After an hour or so of fitment, I commenced the starting process with the new carb in place. Three kicks in and it lit up! A couple of turns of the idle adjustment and, damn, it idles! I just rode it about thirty miles and pulled into the garage only to meet my wife who said, “Wow, you went on a ride on that and I didn’t have to come get you!” In fairness to the bike and my semi-skilled efforts, that’s only happened once or twice in the twenty five years since it was restored. Here’s the bottom line: the bike reliably idles as it never has, and the jetting out of the box is pretty close to perfect (may have to go down one size on the idle jet) . I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you. 


This carb was designed in Japan for Honda back in the 1970s / We take that carb and we bore it out to 30mm, then we use an adapter so that it can use the stock Amal cable, then we epoxy and set screw the flange on the spigot so that it can bolt right onto you British Motorcycle. it is a good design, i have never seen one fail because of bad quality or design flaw. I have installed and sold thousands of these carbs and they outperform Amal and they fit in spots where the Mikuni won't fit.Every part for this is available through us, even if you crack or lose the bowl for any reason we have those available.