97-1003 Triumph Nacelle 1" handlebars 97-1131 6T T110 UK Made bars pre-unit

Steadfast Cycles

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You will get the handlebars that are pictured. They are not knurled so they will fit any tree clamp that is no wider than 6". These are 1" British bars, the whole bar is 1" accept the right grip tube where the throttle goes is 15/16" We have that size throttle available in our store. 

They measure:

Total length 32 1/2"

Center  / usable, inside of bends 6"

Grip tubes / usable, inside of bend 9 1/2"

Rise, measured from the center of the bends 5 3/4"

Pullback 7"

Rise, from flat surface to bottom of bar 5"