WHITWORTH Thread gauge 26 TPI BSW BSF CEI BSP BSC gage TPI 55 degree wentworth

Steadfast Cycles

SKU: Steadfast Cycle

You will get one brand new Thread gauge for Whitworth 55 degrees threads. This is a handy tool that starts with 62 threads per inch to giant pipe thread at 2 1/2 threads per inch. This gauge covers BSW British Standard Whitworth, BSF British Standard Fine Thread, BSP British Standard Pipe, BSC British Standard Cycle, BA British Association Screw Threads, and ISO. This is a must, for your shop or garage. Every gauge on this tool is 55 degrees, so you will be able to find the CEI via deductive reasoning. There is no gauge that is 60 degree, but there is a gauge that is 26 TPI, when you lay that gauge on the screw if it fits perfect it is Whitworth, if there is a 5 degree gap then you have a CEI thread.