SPI Electronic Voltage Regulator Rectifier power box Triumph Norton BSA

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SKU: SC-3090A

You will get the one brand new power box that is pictured. This is a SPI power box, Single Phase


You will need to add a capacitor to use this to eliminate your battery, with points or an electronic ignition system. This will replace your rectifier, voltage regulator, capacitor, and Zener diode, if equipped. This wires right up to your two wire stator, and you can run your bike with or without a battery if your stator is producing 10 amps or more.  If you have a power box, but want a capacitor combined to help give an extra spark at start up, this is the correct device. 

If you are using this to eliminate a battery, you will need to wire this with a switch that is able to turn off the light, but have the box hot for start-up. Once the bike is running you can turn the lights on. 

I have installed these to the following bikes with successful battery elimination results:

All BSA 650 500 twins 1964 and up, all singles 64 and up, 441, 250... ( you might have to change out the stator for the singles, just look for two wires.) 

Triumph 650, 750 twins (you have to change the stator for later 750 twins), 

Norton Commando 1970 to 1974 750 and 850 you might have to change the stator to single phase for your 850, and make modifications to go without a battery, this will not turn over a starter motor without a battery)

If you have a 6 volt stator system with 3 wires, combine any two of the wires, to make it a 12 volt system. All you will have to do is change the light bulbs, add this box and you have a 12 volt system.

The following is for the beginner, this is very easy and straight forward to install. This comes with instructions, but you must first fuse this, on the positive side (red) before connecting to your stator. When installing Fuse with a 20 amp fuse, your bike only puts out 10 to 15 amps unless there is a short, so you want the fuse to burn quickly. Check every connection with a meter before you kick the bike over.


Condition: NEW

Brand: SPI

Manufacturer Part Number: SC-3090A