Ball bearings 3/16" Triumph 500 350 early steering neck bearing balls BSA single

Steadfast Cycles

SKU: S70-4

You will get the brand new bearing set 50 each that is pictured to upgrade the ball bearings in your frame steering neck. The OD measures 3/16" This is a complete set that includes top and bottom. This fits 650 years 1954 to 1963, Also correct for unit 500 frames 1959 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 and 69 / BSA singles. Contact us with any questions / / When working on the later years, make sure that you measure the ball you need, it might have been changed to 1/4" or they might have used the bigger in the transition years. 50 will cover all bikes, some models will use only 45 or 48

These are hardened high carbon polished steel.