Cable fitting assortment motorcycle clutch throttle brake cables kit set

Steadfast Cycles

SKU: SC-29901

You will get the one brand new USA Made cable assortment for motorcycle, not necessarily British. Clutch / Brake Cable Fitting Assortment . Contents: 10 each--SC-20100, 10--SC-20220, 10--SC-20330, 10--SC-20900, 10--SC-21000, 10--SC-23300, 5--SC-24162, 10--SC-24762, 10--SC-24780, 10--SC-24880, 5--SC-25063, 5--SC-25580, 5--SC-25597, 10--SC-26080, 5--SC-26398, 3--SC-28000, 3--SC-28020, 10--SC-73001 Sold as kit

Condition: NEW


Country/Region of Manufacture: UNITED STATES

Manufacturer Part Number: SC-29901