2 Lucas MA6 Ignition Coils 6v Triumph Norton BSA AJS 6 volt coil set

Steadfast Cycles

SKU: 45275 T

You will get the brand new pair of two coils as pictured. Both of these coils are 6 volt coils. These coils are used with electronic ignitions on British bikes that are 12 volt. The aluminum on these are polished nice. The OD is 40mm

It is advised for the best performance to run two 6 volt coils on a twelve volt bike, with or without an electronic ignition. You need to wire them in series, the schematic is in your Hayes manual, or Lucas electrical manual. You get a better spark when you run two 6 volt coils on a British machine.

You can run two 12 volt coils on a British motorcycle, but the spark tends to diminish after the coils are heated; there is not enough saturation time because there is a spark on every up stroke. The result is your performance can and most always will drop.

These are made just like the stock Lucas coils used on 60s, and 1970s British Bikes. The primary resistance is 2.3 ohms. This set can be used on a BSA but you will have to shim up the coils to fit properly in the stock brackets.

Condition: NEW



Manufacturer Part Number: 45275 T

Surface Finish: ALUMINUM